Academics Program

The school believes in providing a positive conducive environment for the growth of the child. The backbone and the support system for system in our school is the faculty. Our faculty holds the reverent position of academic priest in the temple of knowledge.

It bears in its position the prime responsibility of nurturing, tending and directing the entire future of the society in the form of its young protégées. The highly qualified faculty members are extremely well-versed in the modernist methodologies that form an integral feature of education system. Their qualification, experience and dedication enables them to mould the immature psyches into mature citizens equipped to face the world with confidence and conviction.

Primary level is the first threshold of a child’s formal education and calls for innovative curriculum that immaculately blends tradition, morality and modernism. The basic principle is to create a framework wherein the learning process metamorphosis into a beautiful and complete life, above and superior to all circumstances that form the very essence of life.

The school’s child centric approach to education endorses the children with multifaceted brilliance in order to face the progressive, demanding and techno-savvy society in the form of future citizens who shall bloom, blossom and spread the fragrance of love, peace and joy all around.