Anugrahaa’s classes run from PreKG to Grade XII. We believe, all children learn in different ways and at different rates

@KG: We provide a multi-sensory approach to learning in which children have the opportunity to play with ideas in different situations and with a variety of resources.

Our program is designed so that children get a hands-on, activity based and child-centered environment that takes ahead the foundations built upon in the Pre-Primary years of school. Learning is a social activity and children are naturally curious. Our program capitalizes on these natural dispositions by providing activities that can absorb the learning enthusiasm of children and make them committed and confident. Teachers encourage children to work in groups and in pairs.

@ Primary (1-5) : In primary 1 & 2 care is taken to ensure that learners acquire the right attitude that will prepare them for the future, enabling them to acquire skills and knowledge in their journey ahead. We focus more on the solid foundation in Verbal and Numerical skills. More over so, we emphasize on total communication; i.e.; to communicate effectively through active exercises in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. We have also devised a system of self-development and grooming through a list of Essential Agreements. For example, listening when others speak, speaking in our indoor voice, giving each other space etc.

By Presentation of their thoughts and ideas through the method of Show & Tell. By using Role plays and sharing of experiences. Our Enrichment classes reinforce the belief in each child, that they are special.

@ Middle School (6-8) : Through a concept known as mind mapping, we help them to link ideas and develop them further endlessly, without boundaries, this can be successfully used to learn any subject.

Some of the Unique features of our curriculum are Yoga, Art & Craft, Music & Dance, Choice of second languages like Hindi, Tamil, CCA - co-curricular activities offering Soccer, Basketball, and Cricket to begin with.

The curriculum mainly equips learners to confidently face this challenging world - to think, to dream, and to be prepared for the years ahead.