Science Labs

Integrated Science Labs

Science plays an important part in our life. In out day to day life we are accustomed to various devices and phenomenon which can be understood with the help of simple principles of science. If the awareness about science is developed from early childhood, the child not only gains am important amount of knowledge but he also gains an insight of the nature around him. This awareness is not only helpful from the point of view of science student but also helps the child to live his life as an human being on this planet.

Today science in it's any discipline has developed to a great extent and is growing day by day. If one wants to be a part of industry or research and give an important input to any of these areas he needs to acquire a deep and mature grasp of the subject and hence again it is advisable to expose one to variety of phenomenon around and explain the basic principles.​

With the same aim in mind AIS has taken the development of Integrated science lab. The lab is meant for the students of 1st to 8th standard students. The course of each standard is divided in 3 areas namely, physics, chemistry, and life science.

The students perform simple experiments and understand the principles behind them. The students come once in every week in the lab and in the group of 4-5 students each the experiments are performed.

It is compulsory for the students to maintain a journal in which they are supposed to record the experiments, where they get the right impetus to learn by doing. We help to inculcate and develop a scientific temperament and provide a perfect platform for scientific knowledge.