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Pastoral Care


Students Council Members
School counselor
Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell
7s Committee

School Houses

To inspire a healthy sense of competition, students of PAIS have been allocated one of the four houses. Students develop a sense of belonging and a feeling of unity in being a part of a specific house.

The four houses are named  ALPHA – Red House, BETA – Blue House, DELTA – Green House & GAMMA – Yellow House, which upheld values of courage, love, valour, intellect & other virtues.

Students Council Members

“Leaders don't create followersthey create more leaders.” The student council in our school acts as an umbrella body for all the clubs and committees on campus, ensuring their smooth functioning at each juncture. Apart from being the link between the students and the management, the Student Council is responsible for the brand enhancement of the campus and constantly strives towards making the experience of the student on campus comfortable and enriching.

Students Counselor

A child goes through so many experiences in such a short time that we often forget about their mental wellbeing. We attend to every possible problem that a student might be facing, be it basic guidance and counselling in school, or mentoring the student through a serious issue. We are here for them at all times.

It is best to tackle problems before they become insurmountable.
The School Counselling Staff at PAIS provides developmental, proactive, and preventative services for students. This involves a cooperative effort among students, staff members, and parents.

Our purpose is to empower all learners to lead satisfying and productive lives by assisting them in identifying and achieving educational, career, personal, and social goals. We are here to help by working with academic issues, educational and career planning, as well as personal concerns.

Anti Sexual Harassment Cell

With regard to the Supreme Court Judgment & guidelines issued in 1997 and as per CBSE norms, a permanent cell to develop guidelines to combat sexual harassment, violence against women and bullying at the schools is established at PAIS. The Committee consists of members of the faculty, administration, service staff and students' representatives. The members of the committee for the current academic year 2022-23 are:

Members of Anti Sexual Harassment Cell

2 SOWMIYA S School Counsellor
4 SHAHEDA A.S. School Faculty
5 SHEELA G. ARO SWEETIE School Faculty


Healthy children are successful learners, and so we advocate for the physical, emotional, mental, and social health of our students. Anugrahaa believes in providing comprehensive care for the students. Our school provides emergency care for illness or injury while at school. We have a well-equipped infirmary where first aid is administered. A qualified and experienced nurse is available throughout the day. Medical check-ups of students are regularly carried out and a record is maintained. Annual health check-ups are also carried out for students & staff welfare.

7's committee

Our School has implemented 7s management techniques to enhance productivity and competitiveness. 7s is mainly concerned with creating a well-organized and clean working environment in the whole working place. The implementation of 7s improves decreased wastage, increased workspace, optimized quality as well as productivity was increased via monitoring and organized environment. The 7S method is implemented to create conducive and efficient place for student activities related to academics and beyond academics.