Project & Academic Activity

Project & Academic Activity

Every concept in a lesson is taught and supported by an activity making the instruction at PAIS an activity based model of teaching. The students are encouraged to further explore the application of the concepts learnt in class by creating projects and doing a bit of extra research on different topics.

Budding Authors


The prospect of authoring a book is an exciting one for students. It is a fantastic way to demonstrate imagination and creativity. Writing a story onto a fresh, blank page is a thrilling for Anugrahans.

The transformative journey of KRISHNA AADARSHINI K, MUKESH SHREE PRANAV M, RAUSHNI RANI, MUHAMMAD AYMAN N, NIKITA K, STEFFI E, J ALWIN JOSEPH, SAMANYU in writing, and publishing books made them feel the entrepreneurial experience in collaboration with BRI BOOKS.