Open State Level Table Tennis Tournament 2022 - 26th & 27th March .2022

Beyond Academics


Students are encouraged to participate in various Intra-school and Inter-school tournaments. Practice sessions will be conducted to help students to strike a balance between studies and sports. Participation in sports is compulsory. Grades will be allotted on the basis of their performance which will be given due weightage at the time of promotion.

Chennaiyin FC + PAIS Pro's Academy

 Academics and Sports are the two sides of PAIS coin. Sports are given equal importance through which students can develop the team spirit and leadership qualities as well shine in academics, to provide technical support in FOOTBALL for all the students from the age group of 6 to 15 in Dindigul. A training center of CFC outside the Chennai City is available for 5 days a week for all the age groups.

Cricket :

In India, when someone thinks of Sports, the first thought that comes to mind is CRICKETThe Sports School Cricket Academy provides aspiring cricketers with world-class training and best in class infrastructure to help them reach the next level. Our cricket program focuses on specialized coaching for batting, bowling, and wicket-keeping. The amount of training is assigned as per the skills and fitness level of the student, and adequate measures are taken care of to ensure the sport is fun for the beginners

The school has appointed COACHES for various games. Training camps are held from time to time. Those desirous of playing for the school and house must give their names to the PET Master / House in-charge.

Sports are perfect for uniting, strengthening and disciplining the students. The INDOOR STADIUM in the campus encourages greater participation of students, thereby leading to a healthier, happier and more cohesive student community. 

The overall area of the stadium is —————-

It houses multi-court facilities such as:

  • Four Badminton Courts
  • Skating ground
  • Table Tennis

Besides outdoor sports and games PAIS also incorporates indoor games facilities for Billiards, Carrom & Chess.

After School Programs (ASP) :

Special coaching is given for Badminton and Hindi Prachar sabha exams for interested students after the school timings.


Our school is a place in which students often remark that they feel ‘at home’. Sounds of laughter and friendly greetings abound on our campus. An active connection is apparent between students and teachers.

In addition to classroom learning, there are other aspects of the holistic educational experience which provide students with growth, learning, and connections to the outside world. Programs are presented in an inclusive, compassionate environment, and are designed to develop a variety of interests and accommodate a wide range of skill levels.

Musical Instruments:

Students from grade 1- 12 learn/master musical instruments like the Keyboard, Guitar & Percussion instruments under the guidance of musical experts.

Inter-House Competition:

The House system is an integral part of our pastoral system. There are many House events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their House in something that they enjoy or are good at. For example House events include; various sporting activities, MasterChef, dance, fashion, spelling bees and orienteering.

Staff facilitate events but we encourage students to take the lead in their management and organization which further develops their wider skill set as they mature and grow towards college or apprenticeships after they leave the school. These competitions regularly attract crowds of supporters cheering for their House. At the end of the academic year all of the House points are added up and one House wins the overall trophy. We actually have TWO different trophies available throughout the year; the overall championship winner and the Sports Day shield.

Inter School Competitions:

The history of the world is full of people who rose to the occasion and proved themselves by the sheer force of self-confidence, bravery, and tenacity. The young, ignited minds of our society are our greatest assets. We, at Blue Bells, cherish these youngsters and encourage them to explore their true potential by awakening their passions and cultivating their talents. 

The students of the school participate in various interschool competitions, where they not only prove their mettle but also present tough competition for the other participants. The plethora of achievements by ANUGRAHANS  is a victory of this team that keeps working ceaselessly to make dreams come true.

Virtual Competitions/Activites:

Elections, competitions, trophies and camaraderie. During the pandemic when students settled into the routine of online classes, our school brought activities online for a semblance of normalcy.

Students have been able to participate in co- curricular activities through virtual platform. Virtual competitions have enabled students to compete with students not only within the district but also with students all over India. Anugrahans engaged in a virtual conference organized by Bharat Ram Global School , Indirapuram, Uttar Pradesh to prove that they’re empowered with knowledge, curiosity and intellectual courage.

PAIS took the initiative to motivate the children to participate in the virtual competitions – SASYA- 2022 conducted by  Harvest International School, Bangalore. Our students take immense pride for celebrating their Uniqueness in them.


A core component of holistic education is the EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES that shape the development of students. They are instrumental in honing the talents and developing social skills, critical thinking and teamwork.

Our school has an array of ECA activities for the benefit of our students. Our students have the privilege to participate in any three ECA of their choice which they practice for one hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

ECA – 1


Classical dance

Western dance



School band

ECA – 2





ECA – 3



Table Tennis